Animal Mech Themed Minis For Your Army

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Take your army to the next level by adding some animal mech themed minis! Take a look at these minis that are perfect for any 15mm/28mm army!

If you love animals and mechs then why not meld them together! Check out these Animechs!

Source: Rebel Minis (Kickstarter)

According to the Mayan Calendar, the end of the world was predicted to occur on December 21, 2012.

They were wrong.

This was only the beginning of the end.

At approximately 11:30 PM local time on Dec 21, 2112 at an undisclosed Cenote on the Yucatan Peninsula, a core portal was created. Residents of the nearby villages were awoken to the sounds of primordial screams. Then silence…

rise of the animechs

Welcome to the Rebel Minis’ Rise of the Animechs Kickstarter!

With the success of our 15mm Sci-Fi lines, we decided to add some new Mechs! We enlisted master 3D sculptor John Bear Ross to help us bring the Animechs to life!

So let’s talk about the Miniatures!

This Kickstarter focuses on 3 Animechs… The Spider-mech, The Scorpion-mech and the Wolf-mech. Each Mech is a multi-part kit cast in pewter and supplied unpainted. They do NOT come with Bases! They are scaled for 15mm and 28mm Miniatures. We have big plans for this line as well as development of an RPG! Let’s take a look at the Mechs!

rise of the animechs rise of the animechs rise of the animechs

rise of the animechs

Head over to Rebel Minis Kickstarter page and pledge today for Rise of the Animechs!

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