BREAKING – New Thousand Sons Chaos Releases Spotted

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new magnus walpaper

The dam has bust and the brand new Chaos releases for the Thousand Sons have been spotted along with the new Wrath of Magnus supplement!

These pictures are doing the rounds on the Internet and social media and look to be pretty authentic. They appear to have been first seen on the Space Wolves Facebook Group.

Chaos, is indeed back!

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As of this writing these pictures were not on pre-order over at Games Workshop’s web store, so it is possible they were data mined a week early.

So what we know right now:

  • Five new kits are on the way for Chaos and the new Wrath of Magnus Supplement.
  • Judging by the Magnus teaser on Friday and the lack of pre-orders on GW’s site, these models will go on sale November 25th.
  • The Thousand Sons have access to some sort of Rotor weapon for both their Terminators and Power Armored marines
  • New hobby supplies ensure everyone can get armies up and running in no time!
  • Judging by the model design and the preview images seen earlier, this is probably NOT a hoax.

Wrath of Magnus curse of the wulfen

“Unending Walls of Ashen Dead Rubricae will harvest every soul within it’s fallen walls!”

Thousand Sons wrath of magnus

The new supplement has a name!
Thousand Sons wrath of magnus

Ahriman has some new threads. Maybe papa Magnus gave it to him for his 10,000th birthday.

Thousand Sons wrath of magnus

Finally Plastic Thousand Sons. Note the Aspiring Sorcerer Champion, and the new yet to be named Rotor Weapon. They also have a very interesting looking bolter alternative. Is that a flamer, or something… else?Thousand Sons wrath of magnus

The newest plastic terminators for chaos since 2006’s generic kit. WOW what 10 years has done for the hobby. Note the combi-bolter, over the shoulder rockets, and rotor weapon option as well.

Thousand Sons wrath of magnus

Magnus did say:Conclaves of Sorcerers will shatter the Fang’s Battlements” and man he was not kidding!”  Looks like this kit makes one on disk, one with jump option, and one on foot. Whether or not these bits are interchangeable or not is unclear at this time!

Thousand Sons wrath of magnus

The Tzaangors are finally here as well. Looks like the models from Silver tower have traded in their swords and halberds for chain-swords and pistols for the big push on the fang!

thumb_dice Thousand Sons wrath of magnus

T-Sons symbol on the 6 and skull for the 1!thumb_paint_1 Thousand Sons wrath of magnus thumb_paint_2 Thousand Sons wrath of magnus

And some new paint to boot. Looks like playing and painting Thousand sons will be even easier now!


Wrath of Magnus curse of the wulfen

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