More Hobby Hacks You Can Do With GW’s Technical Paints

By Rob Baer | November 15th, 2016 | Categories: How To Tutorial

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If you missed these fantastic new technical paints over the summer, come see some sweet, sweet hobby hacks for saving time by painting with them

These new technical are great for specific uses, trim on Chaos, Necron’s, and some other metallics like weapons etc. I think they’re a great addition to the technical line. These gemstones paints are are also really amazing. They remind me of metallic when you use them over the Stormhost silver; which work great on view ports and targeters.

GW released the three big colors: Nulin Oil, Agrax Earthshade, and Reikland Fleshshade in  gloss coat; which gives us a really nice shiny coat on our metallic’s. We also have the three new metallic and gemstone paints too, which catch the light well so you don’t have to go in and add white points of light.

Checkout Stormhost Silver. this paint is thin, almost airbrush like paint. It applies in a  super thin layer that I really like.



Pro-Tip: water bottle caps for palettes, try it!

It goes over great, it’s dense pigment but not chunky or flakey, it’s just watery enough to make it go nice and smooth. This is high-quality paint and it’s worth the price in my opinion.

You can see what just one coat does with this Necron. It’s great.


The Nuln oil is very clear but also very glossy. I’m using my wedge tip for this. In the video you’ll notice I’m just getting in there and letting the Nuln Oil do its thing. It seems a bit thinner than the traditional Nulin Oil, I really dig it.

I’m also going to do the traditional Nuln Oil wash, because it’s not as glossy and it’ll show us why these two effects are important. The new Nuln Oil gloss makes it give it a nice glossy effect. It’s also great if you’re going to give it another wash on top of it because a glossy paint gives your normal wash better flow.


I have some dire avengers I’m going to use as my test models because they have lots of gemstones and a target finder reticule as well. I’m using the new technical, Stormhost Silver and Skullcrusher Brass (which is more gold) because it’s nice and bright.

I’m also going to show you my goldenrod guy looks with the Riekland Fleshshade to show you how that works.


Wash shown on chest up

Pro-Tip,  sit your washes a bit or they tend to pool up and can mess up your model.

The red is thick, super thick, almost as thick as the blood for the Blood God. It’s not like dried blood, it’s vivid, this is basically an opaque version of blood for the blood god. I think the key is to to pull it across the gem stones to give it that transition.

I also tried the gold with the green, I think it’s a solid base for the green and blue and we tried it as well in the video.



All in all I think these are some really great and will have some great uses. These aren’t a go out and buy right now unless you’re starting a project that involves a lot of metallics or gem stones (or targeters/viewports), but certainly something to give a try.

Check out the video for the full run-down and a few more tips on using these great new technical paints from Games Workshop.



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