NEW BITS – Puppetswar Praetorian Strenguard Strike Team

By Barclay Montgomery | November 9th, 2016 | Categories: BITS, Puppetswar, Space Marines, Warhammer 40k


Assemble the men! Puppetswar has brought in some reinforcements with their new lineup of Praetorian Strike Teams! Check them out!

Via Puppetswar

Praetorian Strike Team $21.62



“Set contains all parts need to build 5 Praetorian Strikers (5 Praetorian Strike armours, 5 Praetorian helmets and 5 double grip widowmakers). Bodies and hands have 3x1mm holes allows to mount the magnets, magnets (if used) allows for very simple assembly and disassembly of the hands, according to preferences.”



This Praetorian Strike Team would go fantastic as a Sternguard Veteran Squad for your Space Marine army! How would you use these fantastic models?

Blood and Honor


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