New Budget Minis For 40k That You Have To See

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Love 40k but tired of paying the high prices for your minis? Check out these good looking budget alternatives for your army!

These budget minis could add a very unique style to your army and not break the bank at the same time!

Source: Hexy


I would like to introduce you to new line of products. CogMind products are good looking budget alternative miniatures to Warhammer 40.000, Horus Heresy and similar games.


They PTT-0-A Capsule looks like a good deal if your army lacks Drop Pod or five. APC Turret and Accessories will be a very nice add-on to transport vehicles like Rhino (from GW) or Bison (from Bitspudlo). It should be noted that this weapon turret has exchangeable guns that could be easily swapped if needed when you confront different opponents and they armies.


Last but not least, CogMind have in they offer nice-looking Krog Araneo Infantry models armed with Cobweb guns. Those guys should be good proxies for Eldar Warriors, especially Warp Spiders.

We hope to see a lot more minis from CogMind in the future but for now, head over to Hexy to snag up these budget alternatives for 40k and be sure to checkout our alternate minaiture roundup below as well:

547872_md-Chapter House, Chapter House Studios, Storm Raven, Ultramarines, Warhammer 40,000

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