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Checkout the latest on how we all may be able to save money on new bundle deals from Games Workshop for both 40k and Age of Sigmar this holiday!

There is no doubt that GW is changing as a company, will this be the first time we see big new releases besides the Advent Calendar in December?


Checkout the latest round of rumors foreshadowing some of the same things that is on everyone’s radar already. Don’t forget your salt however..

Looks like we may be seeing a split down the middle on the new bundle deals between Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k!


Source Alcina on TGA

I heard on Saturday in a GW shop: 8 Mega bundles, even spitted 40K and AoS, i.e. 4 for Aos.

For Aos: 1 for each Grand Alliance:

– Order: Sylvaneth

– Chaos: Khorne Bloodbound

– Death: not mentionned

– Destruction: not mentionned.

Price would be twice the normal Start Collecting Boxes price (i.e. 100 £ or 130 €), with around twice the minis. But this is not 2x the Start Collecting Box in term of minis.

It might be released on 19th of November (not sure whether it would be the pre-order day or the final release).

I also heard that beautiful models are on their way, with, for Chaos, especially Tzeench but also Slaanesh were mentionned. Release date not sure, maybe starting still this year but more probably beginning of next. Next year would be as interesting as this one, or even more.

It seems also that GW sells currently more AoS products than 40K ones on a worldwide basis.

Obviously some bold statements right there for sure, however I could see this not being to far off the mark as far as factions go.  If you were to stack up what bundles would be offered via sales (popularity contest) here’s how I could see it going:


Space Marines

Astra Militarum

Chaos Space Marines

Tau or Eldar




Khorne (Chaos)




Either I think we are all down for saving some money on new bundles this holiday season for sure!


Previous Rumors:

Source: B&C’s SoneoftheRubric21

“So a Gentlemen on Facebook (I wont post the name out of respect) Who had some reliable information in the past posted a supposed “Release list” for December.

Daemon Primarch Magnus

Plastic 40k Ahriman

Plastic Rubric marines

Plastic Rubric terminators

40k Tzaangors (bizarre but asked twice regarding this)

Sorcerer Cabal (Not sure if new models or re-packaging)

and at the end of december; Plastic Canoness for Sisters of Battle…..


The books are supposedly War Zone Fenris 2

Traitor Legions (not known if a rules book, an art book)

supposedly 8 mega force bundles in december between 40k and AOS (even split) “

Now i can see some of this potential being true. Tzaangors are actually dudes in the labyrinth so they could appear anywhere really from a fluff perspective. Also we’ve been hearing plastic Tzeentch models for probably years now and now with Magnus and new Legion art actually here, I would expect something soon that later.


Plus if Games Workshop has a good first six months of their fiscal year, every aspect of the hobby will rise with those good tide-ings as well


Three Month Release Roadmap, Updated October 25th



  • Warzone Fenris Pt.2 (GW Teaser – Magnus?)
  • Rubric Marines (GW Teaser Video For T-Sons)
  • Plastic Sisters of Battle (GW Teaser Video)
  • Planetary Onslaught Supplment
  • 8th Edition Warhammer 40k
  • “War In the Webway” – (Could Mean The Emperor’s Battle Under Terra, or perhaps Ahriman’s battle to reach the Black Library) Seems like a good way to tie the Custodes and Sisters (both) into a new supplement.

age of sigmar logo

  • Steelhead Duardi
  • Tzeentch stuff
  • Shadowkin
  • New Terrain
  • There is still a grip of factions in the General’s hand book with no battletome as of yet.

Forge World & Specialist Games


Seems like times are a changing at Games Workshop in 2016, and I for one am ready to welcome our new Hobby Overlords in 2017!

new magnus the red primarch

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