New Gw Player Rewards, Fake Rumors & 40k Supplements – LATEST

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Lots to see from this weekend folks. Don’t miss the latest news rumors from Saturday and Sunday all in one convenient roundup!


Fake Rumor Alert – New Age of Sigmar Expansion Bogus?

We had seen this image before as just a picture, but now it it’s surfacing again as part what looks like a product release page. Come see the latest!

planetary_assault tau crisis


New 40k Fortification Line up Confirmed for Planetary Onslaught

Come see the contents of Warhammer 40k’s newest supplement, Planetary Onslaught! GW listed the entire contents on their product listing this weekend!

warhammer statue hq gw

GW’s New Citadel Crusader Player Reward Cards – LATEST

We reported on the new set of player rewards cards from GW called Citadel Crusader about a week ago. Come get the latest with pictures of the full set!

new magnus the red primarch

GW Releases New Curse of the Wolfen Teaser

Come see the 10 second teaser video that Games Workshop just dropped for what looks to be the long awaited Curse of Wulfen Book II!


So now that you’re all caught up from the weekend are you looking forward to any hobby holiday sales come black friday weekend OR are you saving your holiday dollars for something specific?


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GW’s 2016 New Release Roadmap Roundup


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