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Supreme_Grand_Master_Azrael_combatIt’s raining rumors today as Chaos may be going into overdrive! Checkout this diddy about The Fallen and the return of the Lion!


UPDATED: Several caveats here folks. First off this OP of this has just come out and stated that this was a fake rumor. Now as you can see from the time-stamp below, I worked on this post yesterday, providing expert commentary on the matter and even stating that I though it was fake.

However in this day of crazy release and rumors tuning into fact literally overnight I felt obligated to run it.

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Now that being said,  why do people INSIST on making things up about our hobby? Like I get it we all want to “belong” right. How about posting up great content and cultivating a following of the positive aspects of our hobby to get that sense of “belonging”?

Like it only hurts the OP themselves and literally does nothing to anyone tho attributes the material to them.

Adeptus Astartes FB group is the latest offender: Thanks for taking advantage of a Hobby Renaissance and dropping a load all over it.

Such a shame….
Adeptus Astartes FB group is a fraud

The shame is on YOU my friend, for purposefully posting FAKE rumors, the end period. Maybe in the future you can do something more positive with your time for the hobby?

Original Post:

Grab the salt shakers for this one folks, it’s so salty it floats.


Source: Unattributed by Adeptus Astartes

fallen dark angels the lion rumors primarch plastic

First off I want to say that the syntax, and the punctuation of these sentences does not seem like it came from Games Workshop.

But let’s face it, so much has happened in the last few weeks with GW that it seems like literally anything is possible these days…

So breaking these tidbits down, the Dark Prophet could mean Luther if you go by current ret-coned lore, with the black clad marines being “the Fallen” in their original colored armor from the First Legion 10,000 years ago.

luthor and the lion

The lion of course would be the Dark Angels primarch, who’s whereabouts like most non-KIA primarchs are currently unknown.

So as the clock ticks closer to 40k’s midnight with what we DO know is coming from GW, this narrative could enhance what could be an upcoming Black Crusade series even more.

Now this does sorta line-up as an interesting side story to what we have heard so far rumor wise, such as below:

Previous Primarch Rumors:

abaddon chaos beetter

BoLS is reporting today that there may just be more awesome releases for 40k on the way in 2017:

Industry professionals tell BoLS the following:

  • Abandon’s nascent 13th Black Crusade whose opening moves were described in Traitor’s Hate will be getting into full swing in 2017 and will be breaking out of the Cadian Gate and setting course for Terra.
  • Magnus the Red is only the beginning, look for some other Daemon Primarchs to gather their legions and follow the Warmaster onto the tabletop with minis.
  • They WILL be opposed by certain Loyalist Primarchs who will make an unexpected return with minis to boot!
  • Look for more Imperial sub-factions being added to the game. Chaos must be stopped at all costs.

So yes that does seem like they are advancing the story a bit, and co-coincides with previous “good guy” primarch rumors we had been hearing a few months ago. Plus a march on Terra gives GW ample opportunity to develop out the Custodes and Sisters of Silence ranges more as well.

And of course how can you have a Black Crusade of this magnitude, without a new Abaddon mini as well?

Is it time to reset the clock on these rumors or keep watch for more confirmations? Only time and GW will tell for sure!

gw logo new long

GW’s 2016 New Release Roadmap Roundup

Never tell me the odds…

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