The Mysterious Technique of OSL Explained – TUTORIAL

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Yo dawg. Today we’re going hard in the brushwork and showing you how to get some great looking OSL with MOSTLY brush technique and literally just a dash of airbrush work.

Step 1

Purple, multiple layers. You could airbrush but I want this purple to spill out. We’re going to ensure all the purple is in the recess, we want just a bit to spill out. Super subtle, multiple layers


Don’t wet blend it, it’ll be too thick, you need super thin paint.


Step 2:

Lots of Air brush Flow Improver and just a bit of paint left over from the previous step and just hit it a little bit.


Step 3.

We’re going purple and magenta, to transitions the dark purple to the lighter purple. We’re doing several thin coats to create natural transitions. I’m paying more attention to the swirl areas.


Now. We’re going pink and magenta. We’re going to reinforce and blend it together. Now it looks like it’s glowing from underneath his armor.


Step 4:

Morrow White, we’re going to hit the points of the swirly parts, super thin, just letting it naturally blend together. We just want to hit it multiple times.


You want a good detail brush, the smaller the better so you don’t have to go over anything. This is just time and patience.

That’s the quick and dirty, to get the full experience, I strongly urge you to watch the video.

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