Anvil Industry Double Tap Hand Carbine – New Bits


What’s better than a big gun? A big gun with two barrels! Grab one of these awesome guns and pump your enemies full of lead for the Emperor!

Via Anvil Industry 

Double Tap Twin Carbine $1.25

double-tap-400x400 photo-2-800x800


Strap two Widow maker Carbines together and slap in a twin Drum Mag, you can now deliver the Double Tap with ease.

This weapon is a fair bit bulkier than a carbine, and also shorter, so its designed to be fired one handed, but could be used with my various rifle arm sets with some modelling work.Buy 5 or more and save 20%

This weapon has a retro feel to it. It could be the perfect replacement for some Heresy era Storm Bolters for your Terminators!

This is my BOOMSTICK!

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