Are GW’s Store Exclusives Good for the Hobby?

gw_nottingham-hqYo Cats, Lenny Fauxchouer here with another hot topic from Facebook! Today we are going to be talking about GW’s Store “Exclusives”.


Facebook Post: What can GW give away to get more people in their stores?

Scrolling through the comments, which, by the way, you should never read because they change your opinion, we as humans are biased towards group think, but I digress, everyone is hollering about prices.

Nope, GW is not over priced. Yes, plastic toy soldiers should be cheaper. However, you’re paying for a universe and rich back history with amazing art, and a constantly expanding story line. That stuff doesn’t come cheap.

imperial-fistIf that doesn’t get you off your “GW is price gouging! Everyone else sells models at reasonable prices!”, have I got an argument for you.

Privateer Press:

Sells 10 models, press gangsters, for 40 bucks. 10 neophyte hybrid’s, that awesome new kit, sells for, wait for it, 40 bucks.

Boom. Same price, better quality; in my opinion. Eat it price trolls. Let’s go deeper shall we?


10 Spartans, 85 USD, 10 Grey Knight Terminators, 100 USD. A 15 dollar difference for bigger plastic models, and a lot of extra bits is not asking a lot. That’s not including a 20% discount from Dice Head either, so really it’s only a couple of bucks for more.

grey_knight_terminatorThat kit is a bit old, yes, they’ve recovered their initial investment. But do we really expect Hershey to sell its chocolate bars cheaper because it’s been a while since they designed their factory? No, that’s madness.

Let’s look at a newer, super amazing kit, 10 Blood Angel Terminators for $130, dang it. Am I wrong?! Is that expensive?

“Felix, your argument is invalid!”

Let’s pause here for a minute because you’re getting all the weapon options, it’s plastic, and the models are just plain more bigger-er, yes, I know that’s not proper English. These are bigger than the Spartans, by a significant amount, and the detail really is insane on those models. Again, still not including the 20% discount from our friends over at Dicehead. So no, I’m not wrong, you get more it costs more, it’s really not that difficult.

Your over priced argument is still invalid.blood angels art

I don’t think we really need to start a conversation on quality, because I’m happy to pay more for models I love. I can understand you’re not okay with that but I’m so tired of hearing the same old argument when it’s just non-sequitur.

More reasons people hate the GW Store Exclusives :

“The poses are lame!, and the freebies are cheaply made” ‘They are too hard to get and cost too much money”

Well see above about the money part.

On the swag though, I might agree with the internet. That blue bag is a bit low pro, and the last thing I need in my life is a removable thumb drive or a wrist band. A key chain would be cool. A dice bag would awesome. Plastic measuring thing, yes.

Not original. You ready for this super original no one has ever had before?! (I’m sure someone has thought of this…)

Each store sells a unique objective marker. Store name and maybe a chapter or faction logo on the back. Each year you could change up the colors and give different stores different icons. Maybe each month is a new number so you have to go back every month and check; after a year you get the whole set.

Boom, that’s a free idea for you Games Workshop Merry Christmas!

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    Not to mention, generally speaking, your toy soldiers will be useful for years. Models released during 2nd edition are mostly still usable today.

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