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By Zeb Barrett | December 1st, 2016 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, Hobby Products

loot pile

It’s time to take your hobby experience to the next level with these new modeling tools! Get organized and protect your project to make work easier!

Loot Pile has some great tools to help us get organized, protect our minis, and brushes at a very affordable price!

Source: Hexy

loot pile

We have new products inour store for all of you that want to enhance your modeling experience.
Lootpile.eu is a Polish producer of high quality paintbrushes and accessories for painters, modellers and gamers. As they say about themselves – their mission is to be a producer of highest quality hobby supplies at comfortable prices.
They have a wide range of brushes, cases and other modeling stuff.

Please have a look what you may need from this fantastic tools!

Synthetic Burhs – Size 0: €1.37

loot pile brush

The small round brush made with synthetic bristles, designed to be durable, easy to clean and responsive. Best quality tool for the best price! Nickel-plated brass ferrule is attached to a wooden handle in a fashionable shiny black and orange colors! Perfect for fine detailing and miniature work with your favorite painting mediums.

Round Glass Display Case – Medium: €13.49


Models can easily get dirty or damaged from sitting out on their own. This glass case with wooden base will keep them safe and clean on your display. Dimensions: Height 160mm Base diameter 95mm

Brushes Rack: €5.49

brush rack

This wooden rack for brushes will be perfect addition to workplace of every modeler and painter. This simple item will help you organize your brushes like no other.

All of Loot Pile’s brushes are extremely affordable so head over to Hexy for a ton more brushes and hobby supplies from Loot Pile!

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