Flying The Incredible Defender: X-Wing Tactics

twin_ion_engine_mkii_by_ameeeeb xwing defender

Come and take a look at this TIE Defender list that I have cooked up for you X-Wing fans out there! This build features Countess Ryad with all her tricks. 


Countess Ryad has an amazing pilot ability that allows her to treat all straight maneuvers as Koirogan turns on a whim. As you may well know, all the straight maneuvers on a Defender’s dial are all green. So that means green Koirogan turns all day! The shortest K-turn you could pull of would be a 2, but let’s keep it at the 3, 4, and 5 level. That way we have synergy with the TIE/x7 title.

swx52-tie-x7 (1)

This allows us to assign 1 evade token to our Defender each time we perform a 3, 4, or 5 maneuver. But we are not done here. Add in Push the Limit and the Twin IOn Engine Mk. II and we are really kicking! All banks and straights are now green.

What a ship.


Try this build out and see how is flies. You will more than likely always have at least 2 tokens and barrel rolls to your heart’s content. Go and try it out!

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