Is GW Releasing FAQs Every 3 Months Now?

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Come see a curious reply from the Games Workshop community team, and what it may mean for the game of 40k!

Both myself and another hobbyist realized that the digital version of the Space Wolf codex lists the Iron Priest on Thunderwolf mount as a Toughness of 5, while the paper copy lists a Toughness of 4.

After confirming the difference between the two rules sets I messaged GW on their Facebook page, and sent them an email about it. My friend did the same as well. Nearly two weeks later only he received the following reply:

That’s a great question!

Us guys and gals here in the Community Team can’t give you official answers to rules questions; official rulings can only be made by the Games Designers. What we will do is feed your question back to the rules guys so it can be considered in the next FAQ update (at the moment these are every 3 months or so, but don’t panic if it takes a little longer).

If you subscribe to Warhammer Live over on our Twitch channel ( you’ll have opportunities to pitch your questions to the rules guys as part of our Thursday programming, and you might even see the rule being discussed during the Wednesday and Friday games.

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In the meantime, we’re happy to give you some guidance (ie not an official ruling!) based on how we play our games here in the office.

We play it that the Iron Priest himself is T4, and increases in Toughness if he gets on a bike or Thunderwolf as per normal.

We hope that helps. Have fun!

So while the difference in toughness really doesn’t matter for most game play, I found this response very curious.

next FAQ update (at the moment these are every 3 months or so, but don’t panic if it takes a little longer).

What do they mean by the text highlighted in red? There are nearly Twenty codex books with first draft FAQ’s releases that have not yet been finalized yet. Does this mean each one will take 3 months to release or they are released in batches every three months, or perhaps even just the main FAQ itself will be updated every three months?

Is Games Workshop adopting a similar FAQ update schedule as the ITC does?

At this point it is hard to say really what it means, but as a policy it seems to have been well known enough around Nottingham to have trickled all the way down the chain of command to the customer service rep answering Facebook messages.

Has anyone else received a similar message to their rules queries?


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