Horus Heresy’s Mechanicum Taghmata Red Book Review

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If you’re looking to field some Mechnicum units,Titans, Knights, or want to run an entire army or robots you are going to want this book.

The warlord traits aren’t as redundant as the rites of the legion but they do have lots of special rules. There’s LoW special detachment. You also get the Cyberthulagy tables in here that is essentially all the commands you can use to buff up your army.


Right off the bat you get warlord traits, all the special rules (similar to the canticles), and your allies’ chart. And of course campaigns.


The Macrocarid Explorator that hot new model that was just released, has rules in here. Of course, when this book was released that model wasn’t ready and it’s interesting that this book has rules for models that haven’t been released yet, which is counter to what we’ve been seeing come out of Games Workshop recently.


The missions are one off, not a full campaign, but they’re still amazing nonetheless.


I personally have been printing out the special rules and profiles in color, double sided, and using them when I play. When I go up to the table I want to give my opponent a good game, but sometimes I need these quick reference cards because I have so many editions in my head.


For the complete run down check out the video!


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