Hot New Utopika Minis From Magic Reality Collectibles

By James Rodriguez | December 19th, 2016 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products

utopikaThese brand new Utopika minis will have your jaw hitting the floor! You won’t want to miss the new hotness Magic Reality Collectibles just dropped on us.

Magic Reality Miniatures:

Guryon $14


“Been a long time since the last blog. Don’t worry though, I’m still alive.
I met this fella called Guryon. He was built like a tank, strong as an ox, and handsome too, but he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, if you know what I mean. However during my stay I saw people coming to ask him for advise about all manner of things. Maybe I underestimated him?


What really caught my attention though was this sadness in his eyes. He was loud, and always laughing hard but his eyes told a different story.


Well, one more mystery for me to get to the bottom of. The road calls so I must leave you now dear reader.”

Nicolette $15


“I’m back again . Let me tell you about an interesting encounter I had.During my search I met this girl who called herself Nicolette the Dead.I have to tell you, she was nothing like any of the cyborgs in Utopika. This one had memories and self awarness. Strange…


She had a huge gun, and she was sad and bitter. Kind of scary, especially because it’s impossible to tell if she is still loyal to the Utopika’ans or perhaps she has a secret plan?Is it possible there are more secrets in the world of Utopika than I was expecting?


I’ve got to go, but as usual I did some sketches. To be continued…”

These resin miniatures are absolutely amazing. Crisp, clean, and smooth, could you honestly ask for more? Head on over to Magic Reality Miniatures and pick yours up today!

Pro Tip: Stay Stealth

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