The Astronomican Shines Bright In Codex Imperialis Apocrypha

index imperailis apocrypha

Join us for a first look at the Index Imperialis Apocrypha which pulls from older, rare Games Workshop books from yesteryear!

Today we are going to take a look at the newest installment of the Index Apocrypha series we have recently seen come out the Games Workshop door and this time it’s he good guys!

index imperailis apocrypha

The new Index Imperialis Apocrypha book is roughly the size of a codex and has about 136 pages or so. The cover features some artwork that Blanceh did what I think was the old “beetle pattern” Reaver Titan.

index imperailis apocrypha

This is a great book to place on your coffee table for your friends to learn something about some history and fluff behind Warhammer 40k. The contents are almost an idiots guide to the Imperium that walks you though a broad overview of the fluff and then starts to break it down into the individual factions, various battles, tons of artwork and more!

index imperailis apocrypha

This is one of the iconic pieces of art in the book that features some of the earliest artwork depicting a Stormbird and is the basis for what lore we have today.

To see the entire video and check out a ton more content in the Index Imperialis Apocrypha, just check out our video below!

Index Imperialis: Apocrypha: $35

index imperailis apocrypha

A collection of articles taken from Citadel publications and issues of White Dwarf spanning almost thirty years of history, Index Imperialis: Apocrypha presents the origins and evolution of the adepts of the Imperium. Read about the ways in which their miniatures, wargear and gameplay have evolved over the decades from manuscripts reproduced for the first time since their original publications, in an engrossing and unique insight into the manifold worlds and institutions of the Imperium. An essential, 136-page hardback addition to the bookshelves of every Warhammer 40,000 fan!

Amongst the articles included:

– the original accounts of the Emperor and the Imperium of mankind from Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader;
– background on the organisation and deployment of Imperial Guardsmen;
– early descriptions of the Legio Cybernetica of the Adeptus Mechanicus;
– concept sketches for a selection of Imperial miniatures and special characters;
– in-depth background on the Ecclesiarchy and the Battle Sisters of the Adeptus Sororitas;
– influential early artwork from artists such as John Blanche and Jes Goodwin;
– a comprehensive study of the hive world and gangs of Necromunda;

and much, much more!

Head over to Games Workshop and pick up the new Index Imperialis Apocrypha book and while you’re there go ahead and grab the other two Index Apocrypha books! These book are packed with a ton of awesome iconic material that any true Warhammer fan should have access to!

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