New Black Library Bundles, Promos, & FREE Stuff!

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Black Library just started their 12 days of Christmas promising new bundles, promos, and FREE stuff galore! Come see what they have today straight outta the Heresy!

Come see what Black Library has in store for you on Day One and Two of their 12 days of Christmas!

Every day for the next 12 days, we’ll have something cool for you guys – from promotions, to new bundles and free stuff.


Day 4



Day 3


Carry your books* in style in 2107, with one of our Messenger bags – now at a great price as part of our 12 days of Christmas.


Day 2


Space Marine Legends: Limited Edition Double Pack

12 Days of Christmas: Day 2
2 Limited Editions at 1 great price


Two heroes. Two legends. Two lavish Limited Edition novels featuring Chaplain Cassius of the Ultramarines and Chapter Master Shrike of the Raven Guard battling the alien enemies of mankind.


Had your eye on one of these Limited Editions for a while? Want to get to grips with some action-packed Space Marines fiction? Just like pretty books? Now’s your best chance ever to grab these, as you’re getting two for the price of one.

Day 1


The Librarian’s Acolyte

12 Days of Christmas: Day 1

A Warhammer 40,000 short story



It’s a small insight into the trials that would-be Librarians must face in order to be accepted into their Chapter’s secretive brotherhood of psykers. Also, it has nurglings in it.

Within the great brotherhoods of the Space Marine Chapters, there are those who stand apart. The Librarians – powerful battle-psykers who use their connection to the roiling currents of the warp to devastate their foes – are feared and misunderstood by those they call brother, but are loyal servants of the Emperor nonetheless. One such warrior, new to his powers, Brother Loraeus is given his first task as a member of the Ultramarines Librarius. But when disaster strikes and enemies attack, Loraeus must channel his power to defeat them and save his life – and perhaps his soul.

Written by Graeme Lyon

Don’t wait for these deals to end. Head on over to Black Library to score some great novels on the cheap, and for free as well!


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