New Forge World Jigsaw Puzzle Teaser Solved Day One?

forge wOrld jigsaw

There is a new Forge World Model Jigsaw puzzle out for an upcoming model, and we may have just solved it on day one. Come see!

Forge World just dropped a new Jigsaw teaser on their Facebook Christmas day, take a look!

Time for an annual Forge World tradition folks – the Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle.

It’s day one – what are we looking at?
Any guesses?

Full Reveal – 2nd of January
Wild speculation is encouraged until then:


Right from day one it appears to be the Khorne Daemon prince from the Age of Sigmar open day back in November!


What say ye? Was that a gimmie or are we missing something?


Checkout past Forge World Jigsaws below.

forge wOrld jigsaw

Jigsaw Teaser Roundup

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