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New Sisters of Battle Detachment? Come see the breakdown for some of the Sisters rules from the new Imperial Agents codex that’s coming out this week!

We’ve collected the rules for the Sisters from THREE different sites that had access to the rules this weekend, and added in the new detachment etc. that was just spotted as well!

First off here’s the new Table of Contents from Bell of Lost Souls:


Right off the bat, you have 9 Armies in this book.  You will note that several of these are very tiny affairs such as the Legion of the Damned (4 pages), Cult Mechanicus (6 pages) and Aeronautica Imperialis (6 pages).  Several of the forces in the codex are teensy mini detachments you can easily shoehorn into your existing army for a little flavor.  The big forces that you really pay your money for are the Adepta Sororitas (25 pages), and The Inquisition (18 pages).

These both have a decent set of units and some surprises. Easily enough to build an entire standard sized army around if you wish. A key point is the Sisters and Inquisition detachments in this codex are NOT identical to the earlier digital versions out for the past couple of years.  These are updated and expanded lists.  Finally note that Mechanicus, Deathwatch and Grey Knights are in here with alternative mini-sized detachments for those looking for just a splash of the faction, rather than the full codex version of the force you can build with their existing stand-alone codexes.

The Combat Phase Podcast got their hands the new Codex Imperial Agents and are spilling the beans! Checkout their Sisters rules breakdown:



So yes, the Sisters of Battle (SoB) army features all existing models. That doesn’t mean the promised plastic SoB models mentioned from inside a trash bin on Warhammer TV a few months back aren’t coming soon, but unlike a supplement, this is (at the very least) a placeholder for these nine factions, introducing new detachments which have their own force organization charts (FoC) and command abilities so the odd existing model can legally fit into an army as standard, ally, or whatever you prefer. Finally we have two pages of weapons, vehicle equipment and special issue warmer before the factions begin. It’s not a lot: 2 ranged, 1 melee, 2 vehicle and 5 special issue including psyk-out grenades and a teleport homer.


4. Adepta Sororitas (SoB)

The best way I decided to do this is just list the entries for you to do your own comparison for whatever you may be wondering. We get two new detachments depending on if you want small bodyguard or an entire force. Ministorum Delegation lets you pair a leader with a bodyguard. FLUFFY! As expected, they must be from the Adepta Sororitas faction. This grants Shield of Faith to the detachment making them tougher mentally and physically. The larger army detachment can buff your Army of Faith to prayer for dodging bad save rolls. The army still has the Act of Faith rule, Martyrdom, and 6 unique warlord traits. No new models today (beyond Canoness) but….I wanna see some Sisters on the battlefield! Includes also 7 relics and 6 tactical objectives. My fav is the Mantle of Ophelia granting Eternal Warrior. If you go to the webstore you’ll see these models.

  • Canoness
  • Ministorum Priest  – cool older models looking like zealots, each fight sub phase can get a war hymn
  • Uriah Jacobus
  • Battle Sister Squad
  • Repentia Squad
  • Sororitas Command Squad
  • Arco-flagellents
  • Crusaders – power swords & storm shields can take rhino or immolator as dedicated transport
  • Death Cult Assassins
  • Celestian Squad
  • Dominion Squad
  • Seraphim Squad
  • Sororitas Rhino
  • Immolator
  • Retributor Squad
  • Exorcist
  • Penitent Engines
  • Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave formation – gains shield of faith

Frontline Gaming also put our a review on the new Sisters rules as well:

skulls video games wings fire warhammer 40k halo fantasy art armor artwork sisters of battle girls w_www.wallpaperhi.com_85

Adepta Sororitas

The first of two big codices in this book. There is actually some cool stuff in this book, and one very sad thing which I will cover at the end. First off, I noticed that this section is almost a direct reprint of the Sisters of Battle 6th edition book. Which is cool, because I felt like that book was not a terrible base for a faction, and just needed a few more rules and units to really become viable at the competitive-casual level. In this section you will find a detachment that lets you take a single Ministorum priest, as well as a new detachment for the girls in armor called the “Vestal Task Force”. Which has the ability to give all units in the detachment the ability to reroll any saving throws of 1 once in a game.

Awesome! You are forced to take a compulsory elite option, but it isn’t all that bad because GW gave the sisters access to Deathcult Assassins, Crusaders, and Arco-Flagellents. Other then one minor detail, this section is a copy of the Adepta Sororitas codex, with some updated verbage to make rules clearer. Oh, and that minor detail you are wondering about….?

sister of battle horz

St. Celestine is gone. She is not an HQ choice in this book, and is completely absent from the Adepta Sororitas section of the book. On top of that, if you notice the picture above, which was on GW’s site. That hourglass symbol next to Celestine means that her model is a “last chance buy”. Now, we can only speculate whether this is part of GW’s master plan, or if a beloved character is getting phased out of the game. Let me know in the comment section!

BoLS dropped these new rules from the book recently as well:

First up we said yesterday that the army is a mix of old and new, so we are showing you two units. one should be a surprise to no one, and the other has been “drafted” by the Ecclesiarchy to go after the heretics alongside the Sisters:


Battle Sisters Squad – it does exactly what it says on the box… bolter? – CHECK, bob? – CHECK – MOVE OUT!


Death Cults are now in the armylist.  It’s nice to see these gals back in the thick of it, stabbing the heretics every chance they get.  These ladies live in mortal terror of massed bolter fire, but 15pts isn’t too shabby for 2 WS5 I6 Power weapon attacks. I like the max squad size of 10, and the transport options!

Ok, moving on, let’s take a look at the TWO Adepta Sororitas detachments we mentioned earlier.


Say hello to the Ministorum Delegation and the Vestal Task Force.  When you want just a smidge of Sisters for flavor in your army, go with the Delegation.  Grab yourself the mandatory Priest and back him up with you choice of a single unit chosen from: Repentia, Sisters Command Squad, Arco-Flagellants, Crusaders, DCAs or Celestians.  The Vestal Task force is the full monty, for those who want an entire Sororitas army.  That retro-chic CAD should give you all the space you need to put the heretics to the flame.

Finally let’s take a look at one sample relic.  All the old Sororitas classics are in here (St. Aspira’s tailors really got around), and the skull pulping Mace of Valaan is fairly fun one to share granting Fleshbane/Armorbane when within 6″ of Daemons.


Come at me Heretics!

Editor’s note: 15pts for 2 WS5 I6 Power weapon attacks. is pretty terrible actually in 7th edition. Maybe not in 5th, when Death Cults were super popular, but these days that stat-line for a Space Marine’s worth of points ends up being a super specialized unit that probably will not see much play.

So there’s yet another preview for the book, but maybe not quite in the form and substance that we were all looking for? Is this GW just testing the waters of popularity, or was this book conceived before the current “plastic sisters movement?”
 Does this leave the door open to them appearing in the future as their own printed codex, OR perhaps this book will be a preview of new rules that may be on the way for them in 2017!

What do you think of the Sisters now?

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