Orky Puppetswar’s Max the Chick Magnet Stomps in!


Here he comes! Stomping through the battlefield. It’s Max the Chick Magnet! He’s a new Ork Mech from Puppetswar and he’s ready to be in your army.

Via Puppetswar

Max A.K.A. Chick Magnet $29.69

424-1628-thickbox 424-1630-thickbox

Set contains one MAX A.K.A. chick magnet battlewalker armed with two close combat arms, if magnets will be used, it’s easy to mount and dismount weapons and arms on bettlewalker. MAX weapon slot is compatible with all kinds of vehicle weapons available on website, and also “pelvis” is compatible with Puppetswar turrets.

This model is the perfect addition to your Ork Killa Kan squads. He will surely chew through any tank that the enemy can throw at him. He might even be throwing the tanks!

Stomp! Stomp Stomp!

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