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By Barclay Montgomery | December 20th, 2016 | Categories: BITS, Chaos, Game & Hobby Products, Puppetswar, Warhammer 40k

plagued_chaos_defilerThe machines of the Imperium are the finest in the galaxy. When these machines fall to Chaos, the Ripper Engineer from Puppetswar keep them going. 

Via Puppetswar

Ripper Engineer $13.34

393-1495-thickbox 393-1496-thickbox

Set contains all parts need to build one Ripper Engineer. Ripper body, Tech-pack, Tech-pack arms and Ripper hands have 3x1mm holes allows to mount the magnets. If magnets will be used there will be possibility to simple assembly and disassembly hands, and Tech-pack, according to preferences…

This cool Ripper Engineer would go great as a Chaos Warpsmith in your Chaos Space Marines army!

I service the dark gods!

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