RUMORS: New Miniatures Lineup For Tzaanuary?

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Come see the vivid new images of the first wave of Tzeentch releases that are on the way, and rumors on what else we may see in this release as well!

We know that there will be multiple waves of new Tzeentch models incoming from Games Workshop, but what will they be?

Let’s take a look at what we do know as Games Workshop dropped these beautiful new images yesterday.


Tzaangor Shaman: This is the first hero Tzaangor we’ve seen, since the blue-hooves of these beast-kin were heard galloping down the arcane labyrinth of the Silver Tower.

No prizes for guessing this guy is a wizard, but what you might not know is that his spell turns people into Tzaangor! Very nifty if you ask us. Also, we’re pretty sure that staff looks familiar

Tzaangor Enlightened

Tzaangor Enlightened: These guys are the elite of the Tzeetchian beast-heard – gifted with daemonic disks on which to ride down their opponents. They are very, very fast and pretty handy in a fight.

Tzaangor with Brayhorn

Tzaangor with Brayhorn:You can actually buy him already – this is an alternate build for the Tzanngors that also accompany the Thousand Sons to battle. In Warhammer Age of Sigmar games, he lets your unit run and charge in the same turn! Very handy.

Kairic Acolyte

Kairic Acolyte: This one has a Vulcharc, which is a strange Tzeetchian bird that jealously attacks enemy wizards near to the unit. The kit comes with all sorts of cool arcane gubbinz like this.

Still no word yet on the Daemon side of Tzeentch, as most folks seem to expect the new Blue Horror / Brimstone Horrors to make an appearance, as well as the Thaumaturge as is was the Marquee character for the stream, that is until they revealed the Lord of Change on the cover of the book.

disciples of tzeentch battletome

We also had been healing about an upcoming plastic Lord of Change since the Fantasy End Times so I’m sure a lot of hobbyists think now would be a great time for him to show up as well.

Lord of Change

Release is centered around the new plastic Lord of Change

LoC is same size as the Bloodthirster

Has 2 head options, 2 staff options, hurling a fireball option.

Only comes with an oval base.


Here’s one hobbyist’s summation of the current state of Tzeentchian affairs which seems pretty spot on as of right now:

The path to glory table makes no mention of any further Tzaangor/Arcanites units, though that also isn’t the complete list.

The release will then be:

-Battletome:Disciples of Tzeentch

-Tzaangor Shaman

-Kairic Akolytes with Gubbins. Propably ten to a box.

-Skyfires/Enlightened on Disk dual kit. Three to a box.

-The well known Tzaangor in a different Cardboard box, possibly without wh40k extra sprues, maybe even down a few coins in prize (a man can dream).


-Maybe a third box Monstrous Tzaangor or maybe Enlightened can be fielded on foot.

-Demons sometime later. If in January/February, then we will se them in the book. If the book does only contain pictures of Silver Tower Blues/Brimstone and the old LoC, they will come much later.

-Release in January. 40k Fall of Cadia propably comes first, so I’d expect this around mid-month.

-For those who wanted Tzeentch specific Warrior/Knight types, we are left to speculate/hope for a further Tzeentch release wave later into the year, but for now and possibly the forseeable future, we have to look to Slaves to Darkness for that.


(Possible New Unit? Image Credit: Rogue Explorator)

Note the particularly impressive horns and flame, these certainly aren’t regular Tzaangor. They also quite big. There are parallels to the enlightened, especially the polearms. However, I don’t really see that kit as a tripple kit. I also think these ones are a bit bigger and overall fancier, though, admittedly, it is hard to make out.

Kudos to Rogue Explorator for that as great run down. I would also like to point out that the GW seems to indicate Fall of Cadia release will go on pre-order Jan 7th, so I would expect wither one or two weeks of that depending on if they push out the new minis and book together. Which would put the Tzeentch release well into the second half of the month. OR perhaps they will stretch out the 40k release until the Tzeentch one can get showcase by White Dwarf in February.

cadia planet fall jan 7th date


Heck why not both? What if the Daemon side of the release will be in February, and covered as a dual 40k/ AoS release then?

All things are possible at this point we suppose, as only Tzeentch knows the truth!

New Age of Sigmar Disciples of Tzeentch

What We Know About Disciples of Tzeentch:

Here’s the top news straight out of Nottingham from thier Disciples of Tzeentch Twitch stream.

  • The New Supplement is 136 pages big, and covers everything Keyword: Tzeentch (Daemons, Mortals Etc)
  • This new Tzeentch release cycle will last “several weeks”
  • Points for all Units will be printed in the book itself, just as if they were in the Generals Handbook
  • This army rolls 9 nice at the start of any game, and then can use any of those dice in game as a valid dice roll
  • Two new lores of magic: Fate (mortals, followers) and Tzeentch (Daemons only)
  • The Gaunt Summoner has both key words so he can use both lores
  • Disciples of Change will feature Command Traits for each keyword inside of Tzeentch (see pictures below)
  • New Warscrolls and Battalions will be included in the book, with some previews below
  • Promises new and exciting hero phase play
  • Path to Glory Chart for Tzeentch will be included as well.


And here’s all the great images and reveals:

disciples of tzeentch battletome

New Lord of Change on the way perhaps?

disciples of tzeentch battletome disciples of tzeentch battletome

disciples of tzeentch battletome disciples of tzeentch battletome

New Warscrolls Incoming!

disciples of tzeentch battletome

Path to Glory Chart, included.

disciples of tzeentch battletome

New Magic Lore

disciples of tzeentch battletomeThree Different Command Trait Chart
disciples of tzeentch battletome

disciples of tzeentch battletome

disciples of tzeentch battletome

New Command & Battle Traits

Checkout these images of those dual Tzaangor kits, mixed in with some new miniatures today from GW’s you tube 2017 preview video:

New Age of Sigmar Disciples of Tzeentch

New Multi-part Kairic Acolytes on the way?

New Age of Sigmar Disciples of Tzeentch

Dual Kit Tzaangors, and looks like we have some new Disc Riders as well!

Skip to 5:31 below:

Did the rumored Year Tzeentch just bridge TWO separate years OR is 2017 just the beginning? Checkout our roundup of all the rumors for everyone’s favorite bringers of change below:


Year of Tzeentch Roundup

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