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Come get your first look at the new Spire of Dawn box set for Age of Sigmar as we unbox and take a look at what’s inside!

Today we are doing to unbox the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar Spire of Dawn Value Box and it is indeed a pretty good value.


You get two different armies, Skaven and Elves, in the Spire of Dawn box. A lot of veterans out there will notice this as the old Island of Blood box we have seen before from GW.


Looking at the instructions we quickly see that all of the models are the push fit style minis so they can be assembled quickly. The box also comes with both Square and Round bases sets.


A booklet is included in the box set that has a little bit of fluff and all of the Warscrolls needed to use the miniatures in a game, plus two Battalions and in a new precident the points costs for the models in General’s Handbook format.

For the entire unboxing, check out the video below!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Spire of Dawn: $80

spire of dawn age of sigmar

The Dawnspire stands at the edge of the Transient Isles. Immense, drifting islands of black stone hanging in the air above an azure sea, they were once the subject of foul sorceries, a powerful Chaos wizard seeking to bring them crashing down. The mages of the Eldritch Council were able to stop this foul ritual, but not before two of the islands were lost to the depths.

To protect the isles, the Dawnspire was created; housing objects of incredible power, it is protected by the most elite warriors the Transient Isles have ever known. Yet cruel eyes glow in the corners of the realms. fixated on the Dawnspire, intent on harnessing its power for their own dark purpose…

Dawnspire is a fantastic box set filled with Citadel miniatures, with a book telling the story of the Skaven Warlord Ripsnikk’s attempt to take the Dawnspire from the Swifthawk Agents who protect it. 74 miniatures are included, split between Skaven and Aelf forces:


–        1 High Warden
–        1 Archmage
–        10 Swordmasters
–        10 Spireguard
–        5 Reavers


–        1 Skaven Warlord
–        1 Warlock Engineer
–        1 Packmaster
–        2 units of 20 Clanrats
–        2 Rat Ogors
–        1 Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team
–        1 Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team

The box also includes the complete rules for playing games of Warhammer age of Sigmar, 2 Warscroll Battalions and 2 Pitched Battle Profiles, one of each for each force. Supplied with round and square bases for each model.

Head over to Games Workshop and grab up the Spire of Dawn box set and save a ton of money! This is a great way to get started or expand on an existing army!

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