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Siren miniatures

Are the miniatures from Siren Miniatures as nice as they look in the pics and do they live up to the hype? Check out CCG’s unboxing to find out!

Siren Miniatures have some of the most incredible looking miniatures on the market, but are they as good looking in person as they are in the pics? Lets find out!


Siren miniatures Siren miniatures

I did an article on Siren Miniatures a little while back and instantly fell in love with one model over all the others. They are all incredible and it would have been a hard decision if I didn’t have a soft spot for hot women with mohawks. And so, I snap bought Kelith and picked up Riderick for a different style mini to compare. The models arrived tightly wrapped and packed in a plain cardboard box with no way of being damaged during transport unless the entire box was crushed.

The package did take a few weeks to arrive to the US from Poland but that is to be expected and no blame can be put on Siren Miniatures for the slow shipping. The miniatures came in clam packs and were extremely difficult to crack open, which I was happy to see because I knew all the parts were still inside and hadn’t slipped out at some point.

Siren miniatures Siren miniatures Siren miniatures Siren miniatures

One of the first things I noticed was the skinny, dainty arms and parts. They were a little smaller than I had expected but that’s mostly due to my familiarity with GW minis and they tend to be a little beefier than most. But don’t get me wrong, the size of the parts didn’t take away from the detail and awww factor of the minis.

Both miniatures are made of a resin material and are expertly cast, as there were no bubbles, flaws, or even mold lines visible anywhere. All the little runes, rivets, and textures were perfect and the bulldog/beast was fully equip with his man bits and just look at how small that arm is!

To see everything I have to say about these miniatures, check out the unboxing videos below.

Kelith: 13,50€


Kelith is a 32 mm heroic model. Figurine is cast in resin and has 4 part. Model has about 35 mm height from toes to the top of hair. Model comes in plastic blister with appropriate flat plastic 30mm base. Model is sold unpainted and requires assembly.

Riderick: 13,50€


Resin miniature in 32mm scale. Model consists of 6 parts and requires assembling. Model has about 28mm height.

I am more than pleased with these two miniatures from Siren Miniatures and will definitely be ordering more in the future! I can not wait to get these together, prime them up and slap some paint on them! They will look incredible in my display case!

So I suggest everyone head over to Siren Miniatures and order a couple or your favorite miniatures today! I plan on painting these miniatures live on our Twitch Channel!

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