2016’s Top 20 Pics of the Day!

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darth vader primarchCome see The Top 20 Pics of the Day for 2016! From Hilarious comic strips, to badass models, check out which Pics made it to the Top!

#20 Daemons, You Can’t Touch This! – Pic of the Day

In every universe there is always a bigger fish. Checkout why daemons can’t touch this!2404727_orig

#19 What If The Dark Angels Fell to Chaos? – Pic of the Day

What if the Dark Angels fell to Chaos? Come see this 40k “What if” for the Dark Redemption Alternate Universe.

dark_redemption__dark_angels_by_koilungfish#18 40k Primarchs Movie Cast? – Pic of the Day

Who would YOU cast to play the primachs in a 40k movie? Vin Diesel as Horus, The Rock as Angron, what about Brad Pitt? Checkout these casting calls!VinDiesel Horus primarch

#17 How the Dark Angels Fell? – Pic of the Day

Is this how the Dark Angels began their descent into heresy? Maybe they were always bad, or maybe they were just liked to like the rest of them?yZAnFxu

#16 Choose Your Own Space Marine Chapter – Pic of the Day

In the grim dark future there is only war! What chapter of Space Marines would YOU play? Checkout the lastest flowchart from Games Workshop!

choose your own chapter#15 How Big are The Titans of the Orks & Their Ships? Pic of the Day

Everyone knows the Orks are the best. Come see just how big the titans and the ships of the Greenskin Orks really are!gargant size chart

#14 The “Lost” Princess Leia Pictures – Star Wars PoTD

It’s cold out there, come warm up with some fond Star Wars memories, and these “lost” images of Princess Leia from Episodes V, and VI!the lost princess leia pictures

#13 His Name Was Leman Russ? – Pic of the Day

Everyone in the grim dark wants to be famous, but not all for the right reasons perhaps. I mean we can’t all be rock star Primarchs can we?wobbly model syndrome #237

#12 The Very First Chapters – Rogue Trader Pic of the Day

In the beginning these were the first Chapters of the Legion Astartes Space Marines from Rogue Trader Era.

12710773_10205453849605783_821858080742737308_o#11 A Look Inside Tactical Dreadnought Armor

Checkout this amazing pencil art of what a Space Marine looks like stuffed safely inside Tactical Dreadnought or Terminator Armor!warhammer-40k-terminator-armor-by-penuser-dv-1

#10 COSPLAY – Is Your Purity Guaranteed, Space Marine?

Come see the hottest looking Chaplain cosplay this side of the Rock in today’s special 40k cosplay feature!chaplain cosplay 40k

#9 Know Your Foe: The Real Genestealer Hybrids?

If you love science fiction and fantasy, you can probably name them all. Well mostly… mostly all of them.Rootbeard genestealer

#8 A Look Inside a Space Marine Dreadnought!

Don’t miss this amazing pencil art of what a Space Marine looks like eternally rested inside a set of Dreadnought Armor! He lives to serve.thumb the inside of a space marine dreadnought

#7 Are These Really the Top 30 Space Marines?

Are these the Top 30 Space Marines? Black Library just dropped this chart of what they say is the top 30, but who would YOUR picks be?top 30 Space Marines

#6 Did the Emperor Go TOO Big? – Pic of the Day

Behold the ship that not only has it’s own gravity well, but also SIX million crew!armada storage

#5 The Real Reason Abaddon Can’t Invade Terra?

Well it certainly isn’t for lack of trying, is this the real reason Abaddon can’t invade Terra? Oh and WTB (healing potion) too!

raid leader abaddon eye of terror wobbly modeler#4 Why The Space Wolves Are So Angry?

Does this explain why everyone in the Grim Dark universe never wears a helmet, and why the Space Wolves are so angry?10683711_1542408186089708_4864349853298528202_o

#3 What Would Really Happen If The Emperor Woke Up?

Is this what would happen if the Emperor finally woke up? Nothing to see here Imperial Citizen, move along…4540534_orig

#2 What if Vader Was a Primarch? Pic of the Day

Come see the hot CGI image that’s making the rounds of Darth Vader as an Astartes!

darth vader primarch#1 Know Your Space Marine Terminators – Pic of the Day

Citizens of the Imperium, Do you know your Terminator Tactical Dreadnought Armor?know your terminators

Did your favorites make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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