A Score to Settle: Star Wars X-Wing Tactics


A new ship with a new condition card! Come and see what surprises the Quadjumper expansion has to offer for Star Wars X-Wing.

The latest Condition card to hit X-Wing is A Score to Settle. This Elite upgrade allows you to choose 1 enemy ship at the start of setup and whenever you attack the marked ship, you may change 1 focus token to a critical hit. You assign A Debt to Pay condition card your target and it gains a similar ability, granting it the option to change a focus to a critical hit as well. It’s like these 2 ships have beef, and they are settling it the old fashioned way by blowing each other up!

swx61-a-score-to-settle swx61-a-debt-to-pay

This strategy is not without its risks though. You gain a bonus against your marked target, but he does likewise against you. A ship that may help settle the score more evenly in your favor is Unkar Plutt.


You can use Unkar’s ability to bump a ship marked with A Score to Settle. That way, the enemy ship will lose its action, receive a tractor beam token, and hopefully be tractored out of firing arc.

It’s all part of a bigger plan to gain every advantage you can against your enemy!

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