Andy Deathrain: Star Wars X-Wing Tactics


If you thought Constable Zuvio was fresh, just remember that Deathrain was dropping bombs out the front before it was cool! Check out this TIE Punisher build!  


Deathrain is one of the best bombers around with his ability to throw bombs out of his front guides and barrel roll out to safety. This allows him to be super slippery as well as an ace killer, provided he can get into range and drop  a bomb before the ace target activates. Since Deathrain has amazing action cascade potential, let’s equip Experimental Interface to really make him crazy.

Once you activate Deathrain, use a boost and then use Experimental Interface to perform another action, such as the “Action” header bomb to get things rolling.  Then if you reveal a green maneuver after all of your action shenanigans you can clear the stress from Experimental Interface. Wow!


Since he will be focused on dropping bombs with this build, it’s a good idea to equip Accuracy Corrector so that his attacks are accurate. Even after he drops his payload, his guaranteed 2 hit attacks will really add up against the enemy. That’s it for Deathrain for now. Go out and try this build an see what crazy things you can do with a 1 agility ship!

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