Armada’s Corellian Conflict Expansion Unboxed


The Corellian Conflict Campaign Guide has arrived. Come get a preview and prepare yourself for an epic battle for up to 6 people!

corellian-conflictThe Corellian Conflict, coming out with a price tag of $29.99, is not anything big as far as size goes, but it definitely makes up for it with the content you get.

corellian-conflict-backWith a ton of content being included in the box this is setting you up for a great campaign/league that you can run with up to 6 people. 12 new objective cards, 16 squadron cards, and a campaign guide all come in the box to help get you started.corellian-conflict-punch-outs

You’re getting 2 big punch cards of different things you will need, including the new debris clouds which prevent you from shooting through them, 3 new asteroids, diplomat and spynet tokens, veteran tokens,and an additional space station.corellian-conflict-team-rosters

You’re getting 2 team rosters, one for each faction, which is a great tool to help you track your campaign. I recommend making photocopies of this so you’re not wasting your one and only copy, unless you want to spend another $30 to get new ones.corellian-conflict-campaign-map

You’re getting this nice campaign map, it’s about the same size as a standard poster. This is showing you all of the planets in the sector, the resource points, victory points, and objective cards attached to each planet. The resource and victory points will be used to upgrade your fleet throughout the progression of your campaign.corellian-conflict-squadrons

This is just a taste of the new squadrons, but you can already see the new snipe mechanic that came out with the release of Wave V being incorporated here in the Corellian Conflict Campaign. These new pilots are just upgrades for the previous squadrons, the kit does not come with new models.corellian-conflict-squadrons-2

We’re also getting both and armed and unarmed space station. The armed space station has an anti squadron armament of 2 blue and 2 black dice, which will come into play in different missions.

I’m extremely pleased with the contents of the box, it definitely puts a new twist to the Armada game we know. The video below goes into a lot more depth as far as some of the rules and what you can expect when you open this campaign box for the first time.

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