Beef Up Your Guard With Anvil Industry’s Regiment Squads!

Customizing your squads is the ultimate part of the hobby, and Anvil Industry has your customization squad right here. Grab your Combat Squad today!

Regiments Custom Combat Squad $16.44

Build a custom five man combat squad! Save £4 compared to the cost of purchasing the parts separately.

1. Choose the basic parts you want using the drop down menus.

You can choose which leg poses you prefer (static or advancing).

3. Add optional shoulder pads at a discounted price.

Please note that to keep things simple, upgrades and options are not available for this product. You can use the “Custom Command Squad” product to make a 5 man team with specialist kit.

These Custom Squads would work great in a Astra Militarum army as a Scions Squad or Infantry Squad. How would you kit these Custom Squads out in your army?

Lock and load!

Barclay Nurgle Wrapper

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