Competitive Mechnicus Vs Wulfen Knights – TLW Battle Report

wulfen walpaperWill the Cult Mechanicus stomp all over the Wulfen or will the Wolves nosh on their mechanical bits? Check out today’s TLW Battle Report.

Today, Juice will be waffle stomping with the Cult Mechanicus while John Yi harnesses the warp to unleash Wolves and Grey Knights.

20161230-mechanicus-wulfen-05020161230-mechanicus-wulfen-051This episode will answer pressing questions like…

20161230-mechanicus-wulfen-052Will this game make it to turn 6?

20161230-mechanicus-wulfen-053Does Elrik provide the best Maelstrom Objective Tracker ever? Spoiler Alert: yes.


Is Waffle stomp better than Wulfen Smash?

20161230-mechanicus-wulfen-054All this and more awaits you in the video below!

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