Elricks Releases Exciting New Gaming Aids For The Tabletop!

Elriks hobbies game aidsElrik’s Hobbies has gone hard in the paint and produced some amazing looking Game Aids that you’re not going to want to miss!

The Maelstrom Tracker is a really great piece of tech. I keep my maelstrom cards in sleeves and at first glance I was worried that I’d have to take my cards out. However, my sleeved cards slide in perfectly. I’m really digging this tracker, it’s really thin and does the job of keeping everything in order.


These Custom Acrylic Templates are super neat and come in a variety of styles and colors. They’re a great set.


These custom objective tokens are a great idea. They come in wolf, blood drop, and dragon varieties as well as the raven style.


The six-inch ruler is a great template. Functionally, the ruler provides all the measurements you need. If you’re playing Age of Sigmar it’s missing the 3 inch measure but for 40k this is all you need.


I also really like their wound markers. These are omega wound markers and for 8 dollars you get 15 wound markers. They’re each about the size of a dime. I think they make great wound trackers. Plus, they come in a variety of flavors from: Inquisition, Wolf, Blood drops, lightning, skulls, metal hands, Angels of Death, Fist, and Dragonheads.


Elrik’s also offers purity seals that are made out of super durable vinyl and come with a heavy-duty pin on the back.
20161220-elriks-hobbies-game-aids017If you’re looking for Game Aids you should definitely check out Elrik’s Hobbies! As always, the video unboxing below is where you go for the full scoop.

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  • kingcobra668

    They all look interesting, but I feel the turn one should have 2 points dials

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