Expand Your Army or Collection With Afterglow Minis!

white tree mourner

Are you looking for some unique & highly detailed miniatures to add to an army or collection? Then you need to check these out!

White Tree offers miniatures, bits, and busts that might be the perfect thing to offset your army or collection. Here are just a couple!

Source: White Tree

Mourner32,00 zł

white tree mourner

Mourners are deadly warriors standing on the edge of madness and balancing between the world of the living and the dead. They are champions of fencing. Armed with the deadly blades they spin around opponents disorienting them to then pour the instant barrage of punches.

Scale: 32mm

Material: resin

Dziedzic Elder Blood32,00 zł

Dziedzic Elder Blood white tree

Unrivaled warriors and leaders endowed with extraordinary talents. They are specialists in guerrilla, pulling an opponent in an ambush and infiltration. They can direct the forces Naiym’vael so that the enemy will never expect which side will strike.

Scale: 32mm

Material: resin

Assault Rifles: 18,50 zł

assault rifles white tree

Assault rifles – elements conversion scale models of 28 mm / 32 mm. Designed to play Afterglow Miniatures Game.

The set contains 6 pieces of weapons.

Cold steel – set 1: 18,50 zł

cold steel white tree bits

Cold steel – elements conversion scale models of 28 mm / 32 mm. Designed to play Afterglow Miniatures Game.

The kit contains 11 pieces of weapons (6 machetes and batons 5).

The Musician139,00 zł

white tree musician bust

This sculpture is a tribute to one of our favorite Polish artists of the twentieth century – Zdzislaw Beksiński.

Bust is made of resin.

The height of 80 mm

Head over to White Tree to snag these great items we featured above as well as many other miniatures, bits, and busts!

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