Finally, Games Workshop Reveals Their New Lord of Change!

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Come take a look at the Lord of Change miniature announced to release sometime this month by Games Workshop. This Tzeentch Lord is far from a “miniature”!Tzaanuary is the gift that keeps on giving for all the Tzeentch fans out there. The release of the Lord of Change “miniature” is no different!

Via Games Workshop

lord of change

Wow, right?

This towering Daemon of Tzeentch stands as tall as a Bloodthirster and sits alongside Magnus, Nagash and the Imperial Knight as one of the most iconic and imposing centerpiece miniatures in the whole Citadel range.

“As tall as the Bloodthirster” pretty much means we can assume it will hit the market at the same price as the Bloodthirster, $115 USD. But for the size and quality of the model that will be money well spent, you’ll definitely be putting your hobby muscles to work on this one.

Tzeentch BT

In Warhammer 40,000, his rules remain unchanged from those in Codex: Chaos Daemons, though the recent War Zone: Fenris books, Curse of the Wulfen and Wrath of Magnus do both contain some new spells, artifacts and Formations he can use, as part of a standard Daemon force or a pure host of Tzeentchian warp-spawn.

So the Lord of Change won’t be “changing”  from the original rules found in the Codex: Chaos Daemons book. However, he will get some more spells and a brand new model that towers over the battlefield.lord of change

The original was a little bland and much smaller, as you can see pictured above,  not nearly the amount of detail you’ll be getting out of the new one. Your Lord of Change has officially been pimped!

Coming accross this “miniature” on the table will have you second guessing your existence. It truly is a remarkable sight and we can’t wait to see one of these painted.

What are your thoughts on the new Lord of Change, we’d really like to hear what you have to say. Is Tzaanuary pushing Tzeentch a little over the top? Will you be putting any of these in your army? Leave it all in the comments below.

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