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This week’s new releases are packed with even more Tzeentch-y goodness, new Blood Bowl miniatures, and the, much anticipated, February White Dwarf!

Games Workshop:

White Dwarf February 2017FEB White Dwarf

Dwarf Giants Paint BundleDwarf Giants Paint Bundle

ChangehostChange host

Lord of ChangeLord of Change Lord of Change Lord of Change

Kairos FateweaverKairos Fateweaver Kairos Fateweaver Kairos Fateweaver

Blood Bowl New ReleasesBB New Releases Dwarf Giants Dwarf Dice

Start Collecting! Daemons of TzeentchStart Collecting Daemons Tzeentch Start Collecting Daemons Tzeentch Start Collecting Daemons Tzeentch

Blood Bowl Dwarf CollectionDwarf Bundle Dwarf Bundle

Burning Chariot of TzeentchHeraldon Burning Chariot Heraldon Burning Chariot Heraldon Burning Chariot

Herald of Tzeentch on DiscHeraldon Disc Heraldon Disc

Exalted Flamer of TzeentchHeraldon Burning Chariot Exhalted Flamer on Foot Exhalted Flamer on Foot

The Blue ScribesBlue Scribes Blue Scribes Blue Scribes

Herald of Tzeentch on Burning ChariotHeraldon Burning Chariot Heraldon Burning Chariot Heraldon Burning Chariot

Skaven & Dwarf PitchDwarf Skaven Pitch Dwarf Skaven Pitch

The ChangelingTzeentch Changeling Tzeentch Changeling

Screamers of TzeentchTzeentch Screamers Tzeentch Screamers

Pink HorrorsPink Horrors Pink Horrors

Blue Horrors & Brimstone HorrorsBlue Horrors Blue Horrors

Flamers of TzeentchTzeentch Flamers Tzeentch Flamers

Imperial Knights: Kingsblade (Hardback)Kingsblade HB

Blood Bowl Special Play Cards: Hall of Fame PackHall of Fame Cards

Dwarf Giants Dice CubeDwarf Dice

The Lord of Change is FINALLY here! Tzeentch is in for a nice treat this week. Also, get ready for those Dwarfs to come out swinging in Blood Bowl. This is another big release for Games Workshop, where are you spending your hobby dollars?

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