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disciples of tzeentch tips tactics

Come take a look at our Tips & Tactics video for the newest Battletome for Age of Sigmar. It is the Disciples of Tzeentch and it’s coming in hot!

This is a really amazing book and we were blown away by many things in it. Games Workshop has really stepped up their game writing this thing, giving us a ton of content we have never had before and we can not say enough good things about this book.

disciples of tzeentch tips tactics

First we are going to talk about the new Destiny Dice. In the beginning of the game you are going to roll your Destiny Dice and line them up in your little tray. During the game these dice will be used for casting to achieve more of the outcome you are wanting. There are also ways of adding back to your Destiny Pool which will really change the outcome of the game if you play it right.

disciples of tzeentch tips tactics

There are three different command trait tables to roll on, depending on which miniatures you are playing with. The top three command traits for each of the three categories are the same and the last three are different. Check out the video below for more information on these command traits. There’s too much to cover in this article.

disciples of tzeentch tips tactics

This book is filled with a ton of D3 mortal wounds and what could be better than that right? For example, the spell Arcane Suggestion has a casting value of 7 and allows the caster to choose an enemy unit within 18″ and roll a dice. On a roll of 1 the unit immediately suffers D3 mortal wounds.

There is far too much in the Disciples of Tzeentch book to cover in this article. To hear more of what we have to say, check out the video below!

Battletome: Disciples of Tzeentch (Hardback): $35


The Changer of Ways, the Master of Fortune, the Great Conspirator and the Architect of Fate – these are just some of the names of Tzeentch. A brother god to Nurgle, Khorne and Slaanesh, and often an ally of the Horned Rat, he is the undisputed master of the arcane arts. His followers, daemon and mortal alike, swarm over the mortal realms in scintillating glory, searing the land with coruscating flames of change. Tzaangor tribes raid ancient places of knowledge while mortal cultists work in secret to advance their god’s unknowable goals. Tzeentch’s plans are manifold, and he revels in watching each unravel.

The 136-page Hardback Battletome: Disciples of Tzeentch contains:

Exclusive gaming content

– Forces of the Disciples of Tzeentch: rules and abilities for your Tzeentchian army, including the Master of Destiny Battle Trait – manipulate fate itself (well, your dice)!
– 2 unique Spell Lores, the Lore of Change and the Lore of Fate;
– Command Traits for Daemonic, Arcanite and Mortal followers of Tzeentch;
– Artifacts of Power for Arcanite and Mortal followers;
– Daemonic Gifts for Daemonic followers;
– 16 Warscroll Battalions, and Warscrolls for the full Daemon and Arcanite range of Tzeentch miniatures;
– Tzeentch Allegiance Abilities, which can also be used with Slaves to Darkness bearing the Mark of Tzeentch;
– Path to Glory rules, 2 Battleplans, and Pitched Battle profiles featuring Matched Play points values for all models.

Head over to Games Workshop to pick up your own copy of the Disciples of Tzeentch Battletome today!

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