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Hey there hobby fans, we’ve got another killer airbrushing video for you! Directly from Kenny Boucher and Long War Beats Lab in sunny Hollywood, California!

Today Kenny shows us how to use the airbrush as a tool to combo off traditional paint brushing techniques for some quick hobby hacks for those who prefer a less airbrushed look or for viewers who just want to save some time on larger models.

We’re going to follow along with Kenny as he shows us how to paint the Forgeworld Tyranid Dimachaeron!  Kenny teaches us how to combine the age-old brushing methods we all know and love with some of those Ancient Chinese Techniques from Next Level Painting to turn this…

Last time on...

…into this!

final product

Primer is the key to the key for laying down a smooth coat of paint.  Kenny shows us how to use the proper paints, base coats and airbrushing tricks to create a super smooth transition while maintaining a more hand brushed appearance.  red finished

First Kenny starts off using some killer reds (P3 Sanguine Base and Vallejo Model Air Red) for blocking in the base colors the the old fashioned way.  Once he’s done with the reds, he shows the claws and talons a bit of love with some greens (P3 Gnarls Green and P3 Necrotite Green).

green base

Once those base colors are applied, Kenny jumps back to his airbrush and uses some of his Ancient Chinese Techniques to quickly shade up the sections he just painted.  By combining the airbrush and paint brush methods, Kenny is able to shave a lot off time off compared to the traditional methods.

laying down the red

Tune in later as Kenny puts the finishing touches on this awesome model!

Check out the tutorial here!

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