Daemon Classic: The Rotten Butcher is Contagious!


Nurgle is generous with his gifts, and you should too with this Rotten Butcher from Kromlech. Anyone on your Christmas list need some Nurgle love?

Rotten Butcher $44.19

rotten-butcher-1 rotten-butcher

This set contains one large resin Rotten Butcher demon model. It’s five part miniature (body, two arms, hands with handle and giant cleaver blade) that comes together with 60mm round plain base.
Rotten Butcher is specifically sculpted for 28mm heroic scale tabletop wargames. It may be used as a greater demon or demon prince.

This awesome model would love to be in your army as a Daemon Prince of Nurgle or even a Great Unclean One!

Death is eternal!

Barclay Nurgle Wrapper

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