Kromlech’s Orc Warchief Makes Great Mega Armor!

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Kromlech is one of the best places to find some great Ork models. This bad boy is the biggest and best, so he’s the boss! He told me so.

Via Kromlech

Orc Warchief in Juggernaught Mecha Armor $33.41


This set contains one HUGE orc Warchief in massive Juggernaut Mecha-Armour. Check size comparison pic for approximate dimensions of Warchief model and see how he towers above our ordinary Juggernaut Mecha-Armour. Kit contains 20 insanely detailed parts full of power cords, bolts, pipes and hydraulic cylinders. You can also find few skulls here and there.Scenic 40mm base included.

This model would make the perfect giant mega Ork Warboss for your Ork army. He will krump some heads and keep the boyz in line!

Orks iz best!

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