Anvil Industry Brings The Heat With Their Missile Squads

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It’s all about how much firepower you can bring to the fight. The bigger the better, and Anvil Industry has what you need with their Custom Missile Squad!

Via Anvil Industry

Regiments Custom Missile Support Squad $27.04


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Build a completely customized Mobile Support Squad equipped with your choice of Missile Launcher, RPG or portable Phase Cannon! A Missile Support squad consists of Three Heavy Weapon Teams.  Each team comprises two crew with a Launcher and spare ammunition. You can assemble the launchers in three different firing poses, or parts are included to make a number of conversions possible when combined with other regiments kits.

These squads can be used in your 40k Astra Militarum army has heavy weapons support to smash the unholy foes of the Emperor! Grab some and customize your squad today!

Praise the Emperor and pass the ammo!

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