New Blood Bowl Referee Rules Spotted in JAN White Dwarf!

By Rob Baer | January 5th, 2017 | Categories: Blood Bowl, Miniature Wargaming News & Rumors

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January’s White Dwarf is the gift that keeps on giving, or taking, depending which side of the field your on! The Blood Bowl referees are here to stay!

A White Dwarf exclusive provides rules for the referees and it’s bound to put a new twist on the game.

Blood Bowl Referee Rules

Losing rerolls, possibly giving one to the other person, or rolling for injuries… You better watch those penalties because these refs are out for blood!

Previous White Dwarf Images:

One lucky hobbyist looks to have gotten his White Dwarf early and now we have some shots in English.

Image Source: Scanner

Jan White Dwarf Fall of CadiaJan White Dwarf Fall of CadiaJan White Dwarf Fall of CadiaJan White Dwarf Fall of Cadia

This, along with the previous previews, gives an excellent look into January’s White Dwarf. Look for more on this in the coming days, as well as our own review soon as well!

templars grey fax dark eldar

The Fall of Cadia Roundup

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