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emperor's children

Check out the newest bits from Kromlech and get lost in your thoughts as you dream up amazing things that can be accomplished with these Bedlam bits!

Kromlech has dropped more bits for us to pimp out our armies and they never cease to amaze! Check them out!

Source: Kromlech

Bedlam Fraternity Torsos: 7,99€


This set contains five Bedlam Fraternity Torsos. There are five different designs and you get one of each. Bedlam Fraternity Torsos are especially suited for heavily armoured warriors (28mm heroic scale).

Bedlam Fraternity Legs: 7,99 €


This set contains six Bedlam Fraternity Legs (three different designs). Designed to fit futuristic 28mm heroic scale heavy armoured troopers.

Bedlam Fraternity Heads: 6,99 €


This set contains ten heads (five different designs) that can be used to convert your minis into followers of dark gods murmuring blasphemous litanies. They are designed to fit heavily armoured SF warriors.

Bedlam Fraternity Shoulder Pads: 6,99 €


This set contains ten shoulder pads (five variants) with chaotic feel. Thay can be used for both or fantasy miniatures. Look especially well on well armoured ministures.

Bedlam Fraternity Doors: 7,99 €


This set contains three resin pieces (two different doors and front plate) for use with futuristic vehicles or buildings.

Master model (digital) Robert Kurek.

Kromlech has some of the sickest bits available on the market so don’t waste time! Head over to Kromlech to check out all the newest bits available to pimp out your army!

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