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The Rebel Alliance is built on hope and their small, but elite, forces. These fighter aces are all that stands between the fight for good versus evil. Let’s take a look!

Hera Syndulla is bringing the fight to the Empire with her unique ability. She is able to choose 2 friendly squadrons at distance 1-2 of her that gain the Rogue ability. This makes her able to coordinate fighters into a strike force that can work independent from the main Rebel fleet.


Biggs Darklighter is here to help take the heat off of his friendly squadron mates. Whenever a friendly squadron takes damage at distance 1 of Biggs, you may reduce the number by 1. But you must choose a friendly squadron with Escort to take 1 damage. Since Biggs has Escort, he can take the damage himself, or you could pass it over to a generic X-Wing.


A-Wing pilots are known to be fast, hard hitting, and resilient. Shara Bey meets all those traits perfectly! Whenever she performs a Counter attack, her critical icons count as adding 1 damage. With a Counter of 3, she will be dangerous to try and take on. Send her into a dogfight and she will stay there, dealing damage all the way.


Everyone’s favorite Rebel squadron, the B-Wing, has Ten Numb at the helm now! This guy helps take out enemy squadrons with his ability. While he is attacking an enemy squadron, he may spend a blue critical icon to force each squadron at range 1 of the defender to suffer 1 damage. This helps spread the damage around to help take out the powerful Imperial Aces.

That’s it for the Rebel Fighter Aces. The Rebellion must fight to survive, and the Empire will give them no quarter. Do you have what it takes to lead the Rebellion to victory?

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