Orruks VS Beastclaws: Spikey Path to Glory Battle Report

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The drumbeat of war was relentless as Raragrak marched his Orruk’s north towards Bleak Henge, where a band of Beast Claw Raiders had staked their claim.

Before we get to the Battle Report Let’s talk about the Campaign that’s about to unfold over the next couple of months.

We’ve gone ahead and blended a few of the different ways to play in the General’s Handbook and melded them to make something we hope you’re really going to enjoy.

We’re starting out with 1500 points, roughly, of Pitched Battle. That means allegiance abilities, formations, artifacts if it’s pitched battle it is in here. But, it’s not all grab what you want, because it’s Path to Glory we’re building armies as close to the Path to Glory tables as possible and we’re limiting named characters unless it unlocks a special army.

Path to Glory Sigmar

Because this is more narrative we wanted to make sure everyone got to play with their toys, so we didn’t do a hard cap of 1500.

We have made exceptions for armies that don’t have a warband as described in the Generals Handbook. These armies will also choose a rewards table based on their faction.

Part of the Path to Glory is that winners and losers are allowed to add units or gain veteran benefits. We decided that winners wouldn’t get to add units, in the hopes of keeping things balanced.

We’ve also added elements of the Map Campaign and the benefits bestowed by winning territories in order to keep things spicy when every game means army wide benefits every game matters.

So, how do you win? Well, each win is worth 3 points and each loss is worth 1 point. The first to 10 gets the opportunity to play one final championship game. If they win the Campaign is over. If they lose, well, then they have to win another game in order to play in the championship.

Enough of that let’s dive into the Battle Report!


“Plenty of Big ones to duff up there!” Rargrak shouted as his green tide surged forward. At the edge of the barren waste land Weirdnob SkaLox’s Tent stood alone. He climbed out and saw the Warboss raging towards him. A smile graced SkaLox’s face as he looked up to the sky.


“Gork and Mork send stones of powah!” he shouted as the sky above grew dark .

“Then they shall be mine!” Rargrak responded as he and bluntfist, his maw-crusha, rumbled past the tiny tent.

In the distance the mighty beasts of the Beast Claw Raiders stood waiting to meet the Orruk’s. The sky cracked and a meteorite landed near Rargrak. He quickly rush towards it to claim it as his.

A volley of arrows from the Huskards fell a couple of brutes. The Frost Lord, seeing the Rargrak was distracted, rushed headlong into the green tide, his war beast flinging Orruk’s left and right.


Rargrak picked up the glowing stone and gave it to SkaLox for safe keeping.

“SkaLox, Hold dis, I have heads to smash!” Rargrak said as Bluntfist rumbled towards a small pack of mournfang Calvary and smashed them.

The sky cracked again and yet another meteorite hit the ground.

“Kill in the Big’ Un! I’m getting dat Rock!” Rargrak shouted as he prodded Bluntfist out of battle and towards the rock. The Brutes responded to there Megabosses command and subdued the massive thunder tusk.


Fueled by the warchanta’s beat they rumbled towards the two remaining huskard’s. Not wanting to be shown up by his brutes Rargrak smashed one of the huskards while his Orruks’ rushed towards the remaining one. The green tide seethed forward, filled with bloodlust, and rampaged through the bleakhenge the unstopped force continued to wreak its havoc.


If you’re looking for the next installment of the Spikey Path to Glory look no further!

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