Scum Finally Go Epic! New Star Wars X-Wing Arrives

The Scum have finally gotten their Epic class ship! It’s no Hutt Pleasure Barge, but it will have to do for now. Let’s take a first look now! 

C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack $69.95


Safeguard your fortunes with the C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack for X-Wing™! Designed for use in the game’s Cinematic Play and Epic Play formats, the C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack contains one C-ROC Cruiser miniature, one M3-A Interceptor miniature with an alternate paint scheme, seven ship cards, thirty upgrade cards, and all the maneuver dials, damage decks, tokens, and game pieces that you need to fly your C-ROC Cruiser and its escort to battle. Additionally, the expansion includes a new campaign for Cinematic Play in which your C-ROC draws the ire of either the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance.

Hide your Rebel and Imperial ships! They Scum are heading into this sector to steal everything that isn’t nailed down!

This is truly an epic day for X-Wing and the Scum faction. Also included is an upgraded Scyk Interceptor that will have 2 new title upgrades.

Stay on the look out for more articles that go further into the details of this Epic Scum C-ROC Cruiser!

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