Skimmer Attack! A Look Inside the Custodes Tank

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CaladiusGravTank01Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatcha gunna do, whatcha gunna do when the Custodes come for you. Today we’re unboxing the Caladius Grav Tank!

This kit runs for about 85 GBP and I think it’s a pretty good deal. The box that it comes in is filled to the brim; it’s a huge model; it’s about as long as a Land Raider.


There’s a genius pin system for this base; I think this is the first in a new style of skimmer bases. You can take the stem/washer and glue it on to ANY base.


Spider Sense: Why are they putting vehicles on bases? Is this a new thing where everything comes on a base? Also, why doesn’t the Forge World Model photo show the base?!


Like other recent models this kit comes with a great set of instructions that was sorely missing from older releases. Now we know what goes where with little thought and no guesswork.


Note: Caladius is a Made up word.


The decal sheet is huge, like A7 size; a common European size. It comes with a variety of sizes and icons, even a single eagle. So many that you couldn’t, or perhaps I should say shouldn’t, put them all on this one model.


This is a wonderful kit and I’m excited about what this portends about future kits. For a full rules breakdown and that unwrapping of this beautiful kit you’re going to want to watch the video!

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