Taking Blood Angels to the Next Level – How To Tutorial

blood angels red thirst editionYo Dawgs, Today, I’m going to show you how to take your Blood Angels to the Next Level. Check out today’s How To Tutorial!

Step 1. Khador Red, this paint is really good. We’re going to be using it to hit the edges. We did use this color during the air-brushing process however we washed it down a bit so it’s muted.

Highlight RedAncient Technique: We want to do a lot of thin lines; we don’t want to go thick on the paint. Keep it thin, do multiple passes.

Step 2. Troll Slayer Orange, one of the best oranges in the business. We’re going to mix this in with the Khador and water WAY down. We’re going to use it to create center point highlights.

Highlight with Troll Slayer

Note: We COULD keep going with the Orange and make these highlights really pop. I however, will be stopping here because I wanted to keep it a little more 3rd edition.

Step 3. Now, we’re going to go with a brown wash and wash the line between the two boarders.

Step 4. Tire Black and Blue-Green mixed together and as a glaze. We’re making very thin to make it a smooth transition. It’s going to be very subtle. Wash, Rinse repeat using less water and less blue over time.

Tire Black and Blue-Green Mix into the BlackStep 5. Now we add a bit of white and go old school. You can see the right shoulder, storm bolter, and the tabard all have some nice white highlight. We’re also going to add it on the robe as well.

Add white to the highlights

Step 6. Aluminum, rapid fire edge highlight on the silver.

Edge Highlight wth Silver

Side Step: I want to finish out this bolter real quick so I’m going to use Reaper new Gold to the gold bits. Of course, we will go back and get the rest of the gold on the model later.

Get the Gold with Reaper New Gold

Step 7. We’re also going to use Aluminum on the chains and all the silver bits. By using the wash and this highlight we’ve created a lot of great contrast.

Step 8. The thunder hammer s going to get some aluminum silver dry brush.

Step 9. With Abaddon Black I’m going to use my detail brush and draw on some scratches and comic book style effects.

Paint black for comic book effectsStep 10. Now, we need to under highlight the black, you just draw it on underneath to get the effect to look right.

UnderhighlightAlso under highlight to make it blend and pop right Step 11. There’s not a lot of detail in this hair; a lot o space marines are like this. We’re going to have to manufacture some detail. We’re going to take this Uriel Yellow and just line it in to start.

Add in yellow hair strands

Step 12. Yellow Rust, we’re going to thin it down and use it as a glaze. It’s going to take more than a few passes to get that yellow to blend back in, we don’t want it to look like crazy lines.

Blend together strands and hair with a glaze

Step 13. Now that we’ve blended it back in we’re going to go back in with the Uriel yellow and get the tips.


Step 14. Sunny Skintone and P3 Skintone, we mix them together and create a nice blend and we’re going to hit the raised areas.

Hit the face edges with skin tone highlights

Step 15. Arcana Blue: Now we’re going to bend the blue back into those gems to make it pop.

The Finished ProductAnd that my friends is how you take your Blood Angel to the Next Level.

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