The Top 20 Army of One Posts of 2016

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dark angels captain

Checkout the Top 20 most popular Army of One posts on the site from this year. Come see if any of your favorites made the list!

blood angels chaplain

#20 The Angel of Death – “Non Metallic” Army Of One

Wanna know what goes together great, Blood Angels and non-metallic metals!

Alpharius is in THIS Tank! - Army of One

#19 Alpharius is in THIS Tank! – Army of One

Sometimes the Alpha Legion likes to stay in the shadows, and sometimes they like to roll up with all the bling! Alpharius is in THIS Tank!
wolf dredeo

#18 Staying Frosty – Space Wolves Army of One

Who doesn’t love Space Wolves helfrost cannons? Well now they’re attached to one nasty Dreadnought!


#17 Did You Know He Was a Psyker? – Typhon Army Of One

Typhus wasn’t always home to the Destroyer Hive, once he was Typhon of the Death Guard, the reluctant psyker.

img4e1eefe936633 - Copy

#16 Rocket Man Diorama – Golden Demon Army of One

Come see what happens when an out of control Rocket Boy barrels into a Space Marine!!


#15 Where Do They Get Those Toys? – Army of One

The space vampires always get the coolest gear, I mean look at that armor!!

imperial fists

#14 The Most Bad Ass Imperial Fist? – Army of One

The Imperial Fists have been kicking butt in the name of the Emperor as far back as any of them can remember!

dark angels captain

#13 Serious Captain is Serious – Dark Angels Army of One

This captain takes his job seriously just look at the look on that face, it says I will end you xenos scum!!

Belakor glow

#12 Looks Too Good to Be Bad? – Belakor the Dark Master

Hiso has just returned from the Warp with a new commission. This time he’s back with a beautifully painted Belakor, the Dark Master.

star wars pin up

#11 X-Wing Cheesecake Girl Pinup – Repaint

Back in the day of wooden ships and pirates they would put a pretty lady on the front of the boat for luck, the star wars realm is no different!!

Don't Fear the Reaper - Knight Army of One

#10 Don’t Fear the Reaper – Knight Army of One

The enemies of the Imperium shouldn’t fear the reaper – for death will come for them all! Checkout this awesome custom freeblade knight titan of Death – the reaper!


#9 The Blackest of Legions – Army Of One

After the death of Horus, Abbadon commanded all sons of Horus paint there armor black, hence the BLACK LEGION!!

#8 Why So Serious? – Necromunda Gallery

And now for something completely different! Lil’ Legend shows off his brushwork with some not so familiar models that look fantastic!


#7 The Ultimate Astartes TR-8R? – Conversion Corner

Star Wars is all the rage right now, so it’s no surprise that were starting to see awesome models like this!

0B5g16alesVhZZkprVjB0a255VU0-1#6 The Glow Bot? – Tau Robot Army Of One

Tau really know how to build a sweet looking robot, and this one “glows”!

titan supremecy tau

#5 It’s BIG, You’ll Find it! Titan Army of One

If there is one thing Tau love its guns, lots and lots of guns. Well that and titans, so yeah titans and guns!!


#4 If the Hulk Was a Dreadnought – Salamander Army of One

Wanna know what color Salamanders paint their Dreadnoughts? It’s green, I hope you guessed green!

sisters of battle nuns banner 1

#3 These Nuns Wear Blue – Sisters of Battle Army of One

If you like Space Nuns with guns then we have a treat for you here. Woman can fight for the Emperor too, don’t hate!

Prospero Burns: Space Wolves VS T-Sons Army of One#2 Prospero Burns: Space Wolves VS T-Sons Army of One

Watch as Prospero falls, the space wolves really know how to kill Thousand Sons! Come see the EPIC Diorama.

gmm imperial knight

#1 29 Imperial Knights – Freehand Gone Crazy!

Four different schemes, five different clients, one massive update to kick off 2016.  Come see 29 Imperial Knights all painted at once!

The Top 20 most popular Army of One posts were excellent. So, did your favorites make the list?  Let us know below in the comments.


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