TIE Advanced Prototype Swarm: X-Wing Tactics

image_3aaf40b1You gotta check out this sick build featuring a swarm of TIE Advanced Prototypes! This build just might be crazy enough to work.


The Sienar Test Pilot is a solid generic TIE Adv. Prototype. It only has the missile slot, but that’s all we need to make this work. Also, the TIE/v1 title will add some synergy once we get this list rolling.


Since you need a Target Lock to fire ordnance, this title upgrade gives you a free evade whenever you Target Lock. Add in Autothrusters to this build and you have one mean alpha strike, featuring up to 3 of these Sienar test pilots. You will have room to add another ship, but that’s up to you.

Now go forth, try it out, and see for yourself!

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