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By Austin Wingfield | January 5th, 2017 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, Best of, Cosplay, Eldar, Top 10

howling banshee cosplayCheck out the Top 10 Cosplay articles of 2016 here on Spikey Bits!  With so many great Cosplays it is a real challenge to pick a favorite.

#10 AoS Cosplay: Isabella Von Carstein Takes The Stage

Isabella Von Carstein, one of the first Vampires in the Von Carstein Bloodline, will make your blood run cold! Checkout this sick cosplay!cosplay isabella von carstein

#9 Doom Has Come – Warhammer Cosplay / LARP!

You aren’t going to believe your eyes when you see all the amazing Warhammer cosplay at the Russian Warhammer Larp! Check out this awesome event!doomwheel cosplay skaven

#8 Eldar Howling Banshee Costume Will Leave You Speechless!

This Howling Banshee costume will leave you speechless. Here are some incredible pictures, a behind the scenes video and even a costume creation video!

howling banshee cosplay#7 Space Wolves Win GenCon’s 2016 Costume Contest – COSPLAY

There are no Wolves at GenCon, well except the Vlka Fenryka! Check out the winner of Best of Show at this year’s costume contest for cosplay!2016 GenCon costume contest winners

#6 Cosplay We’ve Always Wanted? Slaanesh Daemonette!

Finally, the Slaanesh cosplay we have always wanted has been brought to light by Elena Samko Cosplay! You’re not going to wanna miss this!

elena samko cosplay #5 The Empress of Mankind – 40k Cosplay

Behold the Empress of Mankind. Come see the FANTASTIC cosplay from over the weekend at London’s MCM!Giulietta Zawadzki empress emperor of mankind cosplay 4#4 Behind Enemy Lines – Space Wolf Scout COSPLAY

Is this the cosplay you’ve been wanting? Scout armor is easy to make (and fit in), but T_T Costuming takes it to the next level with his props. Check it out!T_T Costuming Space Wolf Scout Cosplay

#3 COSPLAY – Is Your Purity Guaranteed, Space Marine?

Come see the hottest looking Chaplain cosplay this side of the Rock in today’s special 40k cosplay feature!chaplain cosplay 40k

#2 The Eagle Has Landed – New 40k Cosplay & Webcomic

Eagle Ordinary takes the short mundane lives of Imperial Guardsmen to new comedic levels in a new online web comic!kaiser_eagle_ordinary

#1 20 Ft Cosplay – 40k Dreadnought Becoming a Reality

Samsun Lobe will be making Dreadnaughts a reality when he completes his life sized Dreadnought project! He has been making amazing progress!dreadnought cosplay

Did your favorites make the list?! Let us know below what you thought of 2016’s Top 10 Cosplay articles.

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